Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Alex Collection

I was at my brother, Scott's house today. My niece, Ainslie, aged three months, is just starting to dig the infant toys. So I was trying to get a decent shot on the camera phone:

I was having a hard time because, you know, kids move. Alex, age four, wanted to try. And considering that he is pre-school and I don't often get a clear pic, I think he did ok. An eye for the abstract, I believe it is. He called this one, "One Eyeball!":

"Thing in the way!" :

Then he got tired of Ainslie.


"Bottom of My Slipper!"

And my personal favorite, "Rug!"

Such excellent use of light and shadow. You can find the entire session on my Picasa page. If you are my mother, and actually care.

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