Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Speaking of Spooky the Cat

The cat is making me crazy. Since it seems he is more senior than Moses, the vet wants to protect the health of his kidneys by putting him on canned food. Or at least kidney-friendly dry food:

He thinks not.

After his most recent appointment, I decided to give canned food another shot. As a supplement, if you will. I bought a bunch of different varieties. This is what he does to them:

He laps up all of the "gravy" and rejects the "morsels". He will touch nothing "ground" or "minced" or "pâté". He will touch nothing that has been already refridgerated, only fresh from the can (or pouch). Gravy. Fresh from the can or pouch.

Is he kidding me?


Fluffycat said...

Well the gravy and liquid are good for his kidneys but how annoying. I thought he was spelling out a message for you in those bits.

Anne said...

Huh. If you turn your head to one side, it does look kinda like a Peace Sign.