Sunday, July 10, 2011

Off! Clip On

I am not up to date with my insect repellent technology.  The last thing I remember is the discovery that Avon's Skin So Soft spray worked really well.  But I am housetraining a puppy and spending more time outside at odd hours than I have since the days of pretend camping at Woodhaven Lakes.

I was lucky in that I only took two bites that first weekend.  West Nile hit my town earlier in the season than I remember.  Then my mother bought me this:

Down side:  Not cheap.  Amazon Associates is saying 13.89 for the starter.  And it requires a battery.
Up side:  I have not taken a single bite since that first weekend.

It is quiet, and doesn't have enough scent for me to notice it.  Because I am just out with the dog, I just hold the device - I haven't tested whether the clip thingy can hold up to a lot of physical activity.  I also don't know how long the battery will last.

But this sucker works.

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