Friday, July 22, 2011

True Blood, Season Three

Clearly, I have not outgrown the vampires.

I believe I mentioned, after Season Two, that I just don't like Sookie Stackhouse.  And I can't stand her stupid vampire boyfriend.  But there are so many compelling supporting characters that you could make half a dozen spin offs and I would watch every single one.

So.  Bill is kidnapped by the King of Mississippi, blahblahblah.  Betrays Sookie's trust blahblahBLAHBLAH.

We get Bill.  He loves Sookie.  He is just an idiot.  But among the other vampire characters, you can never quite tell what they are going to do..what their true motivation is.   Love it.

It is still fun watching Jason trying to grow up.  And Jessica has really grown on me.  Very tense watching Sam wrestle with his demons.  Oh, and poor Tara.  The aforementioned King is very scary, and at the same time gave us the best of the season's laugh-out-loud gore.  It is cool to see the barest hint of emotional layers in Pam.  And don't get me started on Eric.

I am continually wary of the introduction of more supernatural elements to the show.  As if they don't have enough to work with.  But the werewolves were effective and Alcide was appropriately dreamy.

I am still disappointed in the development of Sophie Anne, Queen of Louisiana.  And the vampire torture scenes are a bit too much for me.  But damn, I love this show.  I am charging my Kindle so as to read the fourth book right now.


Fluffycat said...

Season four has an episode where both Alcide and Eric are shown almost naked. It's a good season so far.

I've read all of the books so far. I don't know if this enhances the experience or makes it more confusing.

Anne said...

I read something where Alan Ball said that the reason he diverges so much is that he wants to have some surprises. I think it is that he was too smart to kill off LaFayette, and once that door is opened...