Friday, September 2, 2011

Socializing the Puppy

Give me all the crap you want about paying for doggie day care.  Besides not having to worry about lunch and mid-day potty.  And besides getting him to burn a bunch of puppy energy a couple of days a week, (so that he is not jumping on my mother, still in bed on narcotics).

He is officially dog-socialized.
Last Sunday, I took him on his first trip to PetsMart.  I knew the second we got out of the car that it would be terrible.  He barked at every. single. person we saw.  I grabbed a couple of things in a couple of aisles and headed to the front to get in line.  I was terribly embarrassed – we haven’t gotten to nuisance barking in dog training yet!

And then.   There was the biggest pit bull I have ever seen.  Now, I am not afraid of pit bulls.  But this guy was large.  He could have taken my puppy's head off in one chomp.  Gibbs shut his mouth, approached politely, and introduced himself.  Wagged his little tail the whole time.
So, he is still afraid of people, but does great with other dogs.
It is a start.

Here is his official Five Months Old Portrait:

I think he is starting another growth spurt!


Fluffycat said...

That is good! Most people I know who have dogs can't take them to dog parks or activities with other dogs because they aren't socialized well with other dogs.

Cortney said...

We take Wrigley to daycare at least once a week. It helps her burn off some of her seemingly-endless energy and keeps her socialized. We've taken Daisy a few times (when her knees weren't bothering her as much) and she has fun too. I just wish we had taken Rufus when he was younger--maybe he wouldn't be so anti-social now.