Friday, September 16, 2011

What If?: Stories to Spark Diversity Dialogue by Steve L. Robbins

Book 43

Steve L. Robbins writes a really powerful preface to this book.  He talks about emigrating to the U.S from Vietnam with his mother, who married a U.S. serviceman in 1970.  Because of many of his early experiences, Robbins has made promoting inclusion his life’s work.   I was totally sucked in to the story. 

However, as I continued to read, many of the other short stories failed to pack the same punch.  For example, he talks about maps and driving directions and getting lost and then says our “people maps” also might have inaccurate or incomplete information.  This connection wasn’t really working for me.
However, Robbins completes each chapter with a list of takeaways focused on the workplace.  I can appreciate that.  It is also an easy read.  

I would be interested to hear Robbins speak (I missed him at SHRM this year) and I would be open to reading more of his work.  But I can’t quite give this one a whole-hearted recommendation.

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