Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter Vacation: Day 1

First of all,  after I posted that I was bringing four back issues of Vanity Fair, I found three more under my travel computer case.  So make it seven.  On the full day of travel, I took out one of them and read an entire book.

I am officially calling B.S. on airline on-time arrivals.  My flight out of O'Hare was at least a half hour late taking off and we were still twenty minutes early landing at SFO.  I am pretty sure you don't pick up 50 minutes from tailwinds. I submit that the arrival times are rigged so that the airlines get the statistics that they want.  I know that is not really news. 

When I arrived at Kona last night, I was all efficiency with the knowing where I was going and getting to the hotel and even knowing where to park.  I had started pondering whether I want to live here, but am pretty sure that Hawaii would not let me bring Kiwi the Grey, which is a deal breaker.  And anyway, they don't have a football team.  I suppose I could get the NFL channel.  Sundays would be really different if kick off was at 8am.

Last night, I slept with the patio door open.  Now I am going to get my papaya and sunscreen.  Would you believe I forgot the sunscreen?

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Cortney said...

You don't want to move to Hawaii--then you would have to work while you're there and not just lay around and soak up some sun. Not to mention how expensive it would be!

Enjoy your trip!