Friday, April 8, 2011

BTT - Visual

I have the great fortune of a room in my house that is..85% dedicated to books.  The 15% is that its closet holds most of my clothes.  And all of my chargers are in there, too.  

However, because this is a spare bedroom, it is on the second floor and thus "tucked away" so I am hardly showing it off.  Since I still have those old V.C. Andrews and V novels, I consider this a good thing.  

Further, the bookcase that holds my To Be Read books is in my bedroom.  You couldn't see the books anyway, because in front of them are..more books.

I don't think so much about whether anyone else can see my books.  I think things like, "Do I really want to have to run downstairs at midnight when I want to find something?"

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