Monday, April 7, 2008

At the Refuge - Peachie

I think every third Moluccan Cockatoo is named "Peaches" or some variation thereof. The current resident Peachie at the Refuge is the sweetest Moluccan I have ever met. And I grew up with one.

Peachie steps up so nicely and I have never seen her bite anyone. And do you see her beautiful feathers? Such a lovely girl.

Peachie lost her home when her mom developed asthma, but it is easy to see that she was loved. She is the poster-child for the cuddly parrot.

Moluccans are tough because they need a lot of attention. A lot. Of attention. It is hard for me to bring her around the Refuge when I am "on duty" because she wants to be on my shoulder. Have you ever tried to change paper with a parrot on your shoulder? And Moluccans can be ridiculously loud. When mine was screaming, you could hear him outside, down at the mailbox.

But seriously, if you can manage the high maintenance personalities of this species, they are the most loving of the bunch, in my humble opinion.

You can read more about Peachie here. She is available for adoption.

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