Friday, May 23, 2008

At the Refuge - Marty

Marty's name was Martha when he came to the Refuge. Except that he is a boy. He is pretty rambunctious, which can be intimidating with a cockatoo, but of all of the cockatoos I have met, he is the best at finding ways to entertain himself. He loves to shred paper.

We have been buying cardboard boxes for the birds. Some like to play inside them. Some like to shred them to pieces. Marty likes to play inside and shred them. You bird people out there know that is a pretty execellent, inexpensive toy. We have also found a source for expired and unwanted telephone books. Lots of pages to shred!

So sometimes when I go to Marty's cage to clean and feed him, he doesn't even know I am there. His head is in the box!

The other great thing about Marty is that he loves to be in a towel. So many birds are terrified of being towelled, but Marty associates it with Cuddle Time. So even if he is having a "high-energy" day, there is a nearly fool-proof solution!

Marty is available for adoption. Information about the process can be found here.

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