Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Semester Ends

I felt liked I choked on that final exam. 70 questions and I am going confidently through the T/F and multiple choice when around question #45 I get a Fill in the Blank. Completely froze.

I was already out of study rhythm because the exam was on a Friday and I shoot for Mondays. Then I was at the Library Thursday night, thinking I would list books for sale online for two hours and then study for one and that didn't happen. I was still ok until the Fill in the Blank.

I kinda got my rhythm back and did a second run-through of each question. I changed half a dozen answers, which is not a good sign. This exam was 50% of the final grade and I left feeling terrible.

I got back on to our class site and at least one other person owned up to having a hard time so I had some hope that the curve would save me.

We were told grades would be posted by the end of the week and I flew to our Washington office on Monday. Exam grade posted Tuesday. A-. Final grade posted yesterday A-.


I am taking the summer off. In fact, I am going on vacation the week after next. Today, I was in the car with my mother - on my way to my brother's house for lunch. I asked her what the hell I did with my time before I started school again.

"You read books and watched movies."

Oh, yeah. That was fun.

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