Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In Chicago

I was at the annual meeting for an affiliate company - it was celebrating its 60th anniversary. We all stayed downtown at the Sheraton and did the cruise ship thing in the afternoon. The boat was docking at the hotel, but dropping us off at Navy Pier. Because the bridge would not go up for us twice. In fact, when we were given the "don't be late" speech, it started with "the bridge will go up at exactly (whatever time) and stay up for one minute and not one second longer, so don't be late. You know how much the drivers like the cruise ships".

Solemn nods all around from the townies. I mean, suburbanites.

It was supposed to rain quite a bit, but the weather was perfect until about 10 minutes after our return. Kinda makes me wonder what we paid for that. Someone's soul, I am sure.

I was reminded of how little time I have spent in my own city these days. And then I was stuck on the Edens Expressway for half a lifetime this morning and the feeling passed.

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