Friday, June 12, 2009

Public Service Announcement - Father's Day Gifts

I have no idea what to get, or rather, send, to my father for Father's Day. He and I had a great system for several years. For birthdays and Christmas I would send him stuff for his dog and he would send me stuff for Kiwi the Grey. Then he re-married and that just seems weird. But I know what not to send him:

These are the shelves in the Library's Used Book Store dedicated to Sports. Do you see all that green? Golf books. We get an obscene number of donations related to golf. Many are clearly not opened. My conclusion? People are buying them for their dads, who are not interested in golf. Or maybe reading. Seriously, do you know anyone that would by himself (I suppose it could be herself) a book on golf? Really?

Look, I realize that dads are
difficult, and personally, I have no idea what mine has seen on TV, read or listened to on his iPod lately. Actually, I don't even know if he has an iPod. But I have to do better than a book on golf. Something funny, or nostalgic, or suprising, or clever. I am not above spending 50 bucks on a joke gift, either.

Heh. I just figured it out.

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utter_scoundrel said...

I have to think that the only thing more boring than golf would be a book about golf.