Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mid Week in Review

My niece, Ashlyn, was christened on Saturday.  Check out Ainslie.  Playing in the baptimsal font.  The priest said she could.  She got soaking wet  and got my brother soaking wet, as he had to carry her out of the church.  Heh.

During lunch afterward, I was reminded of a big-deal social faux paux that requires addressing:

Do not discuss a woman's pregnancy with her unless you know her very well and are very, very sure that she is actually pregnant.

People - there are few more awkward situations than those between a woman and the fool that has mistaken her for being pregnant.  When Becky was pregnant, she actually taught this rule to her class of 11-year olds.  It is important.

Anyway.  I spent part of the day, the last four days in a row, at my brother's house because my father is in town.  Monday was another of Alex's t-ball games.  By yesterday, the kids were all cranky.  I've had meetings all week and seven more scheduled over the next two days.  Then I am on vacation.

And I am thisclose to booking something for this winter, too.

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