Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vacation with Alex 2010 - Day 1

I arrived to pick up Alex shortly before 9am. He was still in his pajamas, but all packed and breakfasted. He was dragging his feet because he was watching something very important on the Disney Channel. I asked him what he wanted to do first when we reached Indianapolis.

“See the stadium.”

That would be Lucas Oil Stadium, where the Colts play.

We got him loaded into the car and he hardly noticed his parents waving goodbye. Just munching some pretzels and looking out the window. He didn’t even begin to grow bored for a good hour and that was when we hit a pretty bad traffic jam. Finally, we hit Fair Oaks Farms, my planned lunch stop.

The place was totally packed. I had never seen the place so packed. We only managed to sit down because a kind staffer that was wiping down tables took pity on us and held it for us.

So. Fair Oaks Farms doesn’t do processed American Cheese (obviously). So I am forced to choose between cheddar and swiss for our grilled cheese sandwiches. I ended up swapping halves so we each had one half of each, and I was a bit anxious because I know that he has reached the age of hard bargaining at mealtime. And he saw the ice cream the second we walked in the door. I’m not playing the “five more bites” game.

He was fine.

Here is the funny part. Fair Oaks Farm has stuff to do. There was a giant bouncy..thing. And a rock climbing wall. And other stuff that I didn’t even see because the kid said, “No, I’d rather keep going.”

Alrighty, then.

He got right back in the car and turned on his DVD player. At some point, he turned it off and took a nap. Then we got to the hotel. Not once did the child ask, “Are we there yet?”  And there were no potty emergencies.


We got to the room and he decided to unpack. Put his clothes in the drawer and put the suitcase in the closet.

He is enamored with hotel rooms and now he doesn’t want to leave. I had to drag him out to see the Stadium. It took 30 minutes and he wanted to go back. Should we check out the museum across the street? How about the park? “Tomorrow.”

He walked back into the room and declared Naptime.


He didn’t actually take a nap. He just wanted to set up the bed with a fortress of pillows and lie in it. Then he took out his pajamas, “For when it is bedtime.”

We had an early dinner at the Friday’s adjacent to the hotel. We determined that we will head to the zoo in the morning. He fell asleep on the floor watching an extended episode of Scooby Doo.

So ends Day 1.


Fluffycat said...

For some reason, I've known a lot of kids who like motel rooms. Dunno, is the the novelty? The pool? You should try to get room service if possible since that seems to be a big kid thing as well (or maybe next trip).

Littlebit said...

Oh that's my kind of companion on a vaction! Can I take him next? LoL! Have a great time.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Sounds like a great kid - zatunusually self-disciplined and organized, and knows what he wants. I hope you both continue to have a great time together!