Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Totally Unpaid Product Endorsement

Band Aid created these awesome bandages specifically for blisters.
My feet were pretty torn up after Day 1 at Disney last week.  I used one of these on my little toe and walked over 24,000 steps the next day with no pain.  The fair warning is that I hadn't properly covered the entire toe, so the blister expanded in a direction I didn't expect.  But I felt no pain.

These are meant to last several days.  I don't like to go more than two.  By the time you get through Shower #2, the bandage gets a bit funky.

So here I am in Washington DC, the only city in the U.S. where one is I am likely to do more walking than Orlando.  And my toe is just fine.

If only I could do something about my work shoes.

Note:  I am still using these Amazon Associates boxes, even though Amazon has killed its contract with Illinois bloggers.  They don't want to mess with the Internet tax laws established by the state.  I will not be receiving any compensation if you make a purchase with these links.  I just like them because they are easy access to pictures of whatever I am talking about at any given moment.  You don't really want my cell phone pictures of Band Aids, do you?

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John W said...

You missed my brother's family by about a week. They are at Disney (or are about to leave it) this week.