Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shakespeare's MacBeth

My friend, John Wilson, is finishing up a run in Roundhouse Productions' MacBeth.  As I type, so my blogging about it will be of no use to him.

The most interesting thing about this interpretation is the use of green screen technology to add some layers.  I don't think I am a purist exactly, but I found it more of a distraction.  It might be that the tech operator was a couple of beats off. But it also drew my eye away from the action, when there was action.  Points for trying something new, because it was rather cool.  But not necessary.

Another creative bit was adding "combat witches" to the cast.   They held the actual swords, creating the sound effects, while the actors mimed the action.  The director talks about it here, with more symbolism than I had pegged it.  But it also makes very effective use of space.  In a small theater, men wielding swords in various directions can be treacherous.  I appreciated that.

Overall, I really enjoyed this show.  I'd go back and see them again.  If it isn't Point Break.

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