Friday, August 5, 2011

Conversation about the Dog

Me:   I'm going to take the dog and get some ice cream.  What do you want?
Her:  No, you're not.
Me:  Yes.  I am.
Her: You're going to leave him in the car?
Me:  No.  I'm going to drive through Dunkin' Donuts (it has a Baskin Robbins).
Her:  How are you going to keep him from eating the ice cream on the way home?
Me:  I'll get.  A bag.
Her:  Well, whose car are you taking?!
Me:   We're done.  (walks out)
Her:   It's just...he'll slip off your seats!   ....Plain vanilla!!

He was fine.  Barked at the lady at the window, but otherwise fine.

And since conversations about the dog require pictures of the dog, I took this a few days ago.  Right before he started barking at me:

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