Friday, June 13, 2008

At the Library - On the Web Site

Our Used Book Store is both dependent on and for the benefit of the Library. We don’t want to be troublesome to the Library staff, so we try to be careful not to ask for too much.

I wrote a page on the Used Book Store for inclusion on the Library’s web site and the Web Guy, Richard, was nice enough to put it up for us. He asked for any changes and I asked for a correction to the link for the Amazon Bookstore, which he did very quickly.

Then I saw a grammatical error. It wasn’t anything terrible, like “there, their, they’re”. It was a simple prepositional inconsistency and the average web site reader will not even notice. I noticed. My mother would notice. My boss would notice. I do not want to ask this nice man to update the page again for a mistake that I made – that is bothering no one but me. It wouldn't even bother me if it were on my own blog, but this is for the Library.

Would you believe that I already have a strategy for fixing this? The copy notes the next semi-annual sale, which is July 12-13. On July 14, I have an excuse to edit. I will be doing so.

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