Monday, June 2, 2008

The Happy Hollisters

The other night at the Library, I spent a whole bunch of time individually listing a bunch of old children’s books for sale on Amazon. The Happy Hollisters was a mystery series and the books I saw were from about 1955 – 1965.

Great condition, including dust jackets, which is pretty rare.

There were eleven of them and I was listing them from $7.00 to $9.00. When I got home, I asked my mother if she had ever heard of them. She came out of her chair to squeal about how that series introduced her to mysteries and she loved, loved, loved them! I showed her the selection from our Amazon Storefront.

“Do you want them for your birthday?” Which is in August.

So as I go online to unlist them, I called our director to explain why I am doing all of this listing and unlisting and that I will pick up the books on Saturday.

She was very happy when I said, “So I showed her the books from the Storefront…”

Then I decided those books are really the kind that require covers for the dust jackets and I am starting to run low. So I went to my source on eBay and bought a new roll of adjustable, archive quality covers.

This is an expensive volunteer gig.

P.S. I went to Amazon to look up my favorite childhood book, The Little Witch. $100 for the 1987 hardcover. Lucky I still have my 1979 paperback.

P.P.S. Mom. That was not a hint to buy it for me. Do not buy it for me.

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