Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Digital Divide

We talked a lot about the "digital divide" in my e-commerce class last semester. I found this chart in an article on by Steven Musil who talks about the haves and have nots of technology. If you can't read the little numbers, it says that 30% of us have never used a computer to create a document, like in Word or Excel. 21% have never used e-mail, looked up a website or used the Internet to search for information. Toward the end of the article, Musil says that after we get past the economics and education we still won't have everyone online because people just don't understand how the Internet can help them in their every day lives.

Relatively speaking, I am not particularly tech-savvy. The only reason I have my own computer is that I went back to school and I needed my little brother to pick it out for me. I am on Blogger because it was a school assignment. Even so, I have no idea what I did before Mapquest was around to give me directions.

And I was just making fun of my brother for buying a GPS.

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