Wednesday, June 4, 2008

At the Refuge - Website and Other Stuff

It seems my friend Susanna has the new design set up at the Refuge web site!

Tonight, it was crazy hormone night. I could hear the cockatoos screaming from outside. In my car. With the music on. My mother will tell you that is pretty bad.

Peachie the Moluccan Cockatoo, had actually laid an egg. It was already broken when Megan went to clean her cage tonight. Rocky, our poster bird, had three eggs in her cage. Addison, the African Grey about whom I posted recently has been over grooming his feathers. And Ninja, a permanent resident, attacked everyone that tried to walk by her. I don't know how they got her back in her cage.

I am exhausted, and I was barely there for two hours.
The good news is that our team is fully staffed and we are all working together very well. The construction seems to be moving along nicely (as we count down toward the day when I will have to finally decide if Manu should live with me or if he would be happier somewhere else. Where Kiwi the Grey is not).
The website looks great and the volunteers and members are using it - contributing their own stories. Seriously. Susanna Rocks.
Now if we could only do something about fundraising...

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