Saturday, June 7, 2008

At the Library - The Street Sale

Friends of the Glenview Library will be at the street sale during the Glenview Summer Festival on June 28. The street sale is basically vendors with tables outside on the street, but it attracts a pretty big crowd. I hate crowds, so I haven't attended since about college.

This is new for the Used Book Store. The idea came out one day because several of us noted the number of customers that say, "I had no idea you were here!" Two years after we planted ourselves in the mezzanine.

We plan to bring a bunch of boxes of paperbacks, nothing extravagant. Just enough to let the average citizen on the street know that we exist. Let's just hope the weather holds up.

In other news, it looks we are finally getting approval for the plans on the new Library. There are several comments I would be making here, if I wasn't a Lady.

That was to make my mother laugh.

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