Sunday, March 29, 2009

End of the Weekend Blathering

I was going to take a picture of the snow and give you a "Mother Nature always saves one last snowstorm for April" speech. But that bored even me.

The school news today is that I turned in my first paper yesterday. It was returned, graded by my course facilitator, inside of 24 hours. I love that guy.

The score was a 91. My mother will want to know how I only managed a 91 on a paper for a course on managing employees when I work in HR. The answer: I got bored.

And now we know the theme for today.

In other news, I had to purge my "to be read" bookcase because it was overflowing. Now it is merely totally full. Which doesn't count the book on my nightstand that I haven't opened in days because I am always reading school stuff and the Star Wars book in my bag that I am really getting into and must only read at lunchtime.

OK. I really have to get in the shower now. And finish that other book for school.

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