Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Want this Semester to Be Over

Finishing up Week Three. Four more until the end of the semester. One paper. One group project. One final exam.

My To Be Read bookcase is officially overflowing and I am reading library books for school. Doesn't stop me from going to Half Price Books because my mother is looking for a couple of things. On top of all the books, I bought a computer game.

I am going to spend the summer catching up on reading and playing computer games.

This week, a classmate on the Discussion board said this:

"...Hr is only concerned about helping managers take actions in a way that avoids potential future lawsuits."

She is in my project group, too.

But my first paper is done and I have taken the midterm and I am getting through the reading. Four more weeks isn't so bad. I guess.

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