Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Good Night at the Library and other stuff

I haven't posted about the Library in awhile. The construction has made the parking situation unbearable, but at least it is progress. And we currently have 554 books listed on our Amazon Storefront. We've had to clear out shelf space and it still isn't enough:

I can't wait until we have our new space.

Anyway, I listed several books, including an Oprah book that sold in the first hour. In that same box, I found a Ward Just novel that I haven't read yet that isn't worth a thing, so I bought it myself for a dollar. As if I have time to read novels right now.

I caught some of the AU vs. Villanova game on It looks like they had a great first half and then collapsed.

I got some homework done.

And I finally had a good payroll conversion day at work. So I am happy.

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