Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Candy is Serious Business

MSN ran an article on the Best and Worst Halloween candy. The short version is that it all has gobs of sugar, so we should avoid anything that has fat. Which means chocolate and peanuts.

Screw that.

And this was even funnier:

“When giving out treats to kids, it's better to stick to healthier items like sugar-free gum, popcorn, pretzel packs and raisin boxes, Mangieri said. For example, a 1-ounce (28-gram) serving of pretzels has 110 calories, one gram of fat and less than one gram of sugar. And a quarter of a cup of raisins has 130 calories, no fat and 29 grams of sugar, in addition to fiber, protein, potassium, iron and calcium.”

That is called the recipe for getting your house TP’d. (Although, assuming there is enough chocolate in your bag already, the pretzels might be o.k).

I haven’t even picked up my Halloween candy yet. But I can assure you, it will not involve raisins. 

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Kristin said...

What you failed to mention in your blog is that YOU would be the one doing the TPing! Anyone who hands out raisins out and gets their house egged/tp'd, etc., the culprit is Anne!

Happy Halloween!