Monday, October 18, 2010

With God as My Witness, I Am Going to Finish This Book

I do not understand why I cannot finish The Brothers Karamazov.  It is not a bad book.  There is one noble creature to root for.  There is intrigue.  There is danger.  There will be a mystery if I could just bloody get to it.

 I am packing to go to Washington tomorrow and I looked at the book I just started and I looked at my big, fat copy of Brothers.  I must finish it. 

People of the Book was supposed to be my lunchtime book.  But it was so good that I brought it upstairs to read this weekend.  Last night, I dropped The Zookeepers Wife into my bag to carry around.  Trade paperback, about the right size.  This could go on forever.

Maybe I'm just going to not have a "carrying around" book.

That's not going to work.

Oh, hell. 

I just downloaded The Brothers Karamazov to my Kindle.  I just paid for a book twice to make myself finish my "summer epic".

This had better work.


John said...


There was a time when the thought of not finishing a book was blasphemous. I stuck with it all the way through whether I liked it or not.

These days I've come to the realization that if a book ain't holding my interest, then let it go. Life's too short.

But that's just me.

Anne said...

Yeah, I pretty well agree with you. I am sticking with it for two reasons:

First, it is on the list of 1000 books to read before you die, so I am holding out hope that it gets good.

Second, part of the point of the story is the murder of the patriarch, and I haven't gotten to that yet. I keep thinking that it will get better when the old man dies, already.

I could do a whole blog post on books that I have started and not finished. In fact, I think I will.