Sunday, November 14, 2010


I recently reacquainted myself with my popcorn maker.  Hockey is better with popcorn, for some reason,  and if you use that spray butter stuff, it isn't too bad for you.  Of course, I use an awful lot of popcorn salt.  So I was in the Jewel last weekend, looking at all of the different kinds of salt, and I cannot find the popcorn salt.  I figured it must be in the popcorn aisle.  So I head over there.  There are a few different flavors of popcorn topping, but no actual popcorn salt. 

My mother was doing the shopping today, since I am leaving town again on Wednesday, and I asked her to take another look.  She didn't find it, either.  In fact, she asked for help.  The staff brought her butter buds - the powder people use on their baked potatoes (if they haven't discovered spray butter).  Then they tried to tell her that it was the same thing.

Um.  No.  Butter buds are not the same thing as popcorn salt. 

I stopped at Target before the game today.  Particularly since Target now has an entire grocery store inside, they must have popcorn salt.

Again, I looked in the spice aisle, with all of the other salt.  There were a dozen different types of sea salt, but no popcorn salt.  Again, I went to the popcorn aisle.  Three flavors of powdered popcorn topping, but no popcorn salt.

What in the name of all that's holy has happened to all of the popcorn salt?!  Do I have to buy it online?!

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