Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Lake of Dreams, by Kim Edwards

Book 51

I have said before that nothing is more boring than listening to people talk about their dreams.  I have found one.  It is listening to fictional characters talk about their dreams.

This is a chick book.  And I had just about given up on it by the third CD, but there was one plot thread that kept me interested.  Mostly, I found the main character boring.

Prodigal daughter comes home during a crossroads in her life and confronts family drama centering on her father's death 10 years before.  Insert 100-year old family letters illuminating a mysterious aunt no one had ever heard of before whose life must have something to teach our lost little heroine.


The supporting characters are, thankfully, more interesting.  But the thing is, the twists and turns weren't terribly surprising.  The only really shocking moment was when Lucy went "nightswimming" by herself and.....didn't get caught.  I guess I have seen too many soap operas.


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