Sunday, March 16, 2008


The last line item in our blog assignment was "Decide if you want to add advertisements and if appropriate do so".

After reading about it in the lecture material, and finding the Google Ad information in the content layout, I gave it serious consideration.

My independent spirit-whatever was against it. But the theme of the blog is about how I am fitting the volunteer gigs into the rest of my life. And the two organizations with which I work are in constant need of funds. So shouldn't I use the assignment as an opportunity?
In my own market plan for UBS, I said that we should be getting creative and using the technology vehicles that are all around us. So I am getting in the spirit of "practice what you preach".

So if you will please click the links, I will promise that whatever pennies Google sends to me will be divided equally between a Refuge for Saving the Wildlife and Friends of the Glenview Library.

Thanks for your participation.

...was that too preachy?

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