Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fostering Manu

The Refuge is undergoing some construction to add more room for residents, have more space to play, and a quarantine room. But until it is complete, space is very tight.

Several of us decided to foster parrots for the duration of construction.

I share a house with my mother, a dog, a cat and Kiwi the Grey. I also travel pretty regularly. So I gave as much consideration to this decision as if I were going to permanently adopt. And brought home Manu.

It is kind of a weird choice because I can't really handle him. He is not friendly and apparently prefers men. He and I have had a "don't touch me and I won't touch you" relationship. So this isn't the most fun creature I could have brought home. But he is unbelievably low maintenance.

He doesn't make a mess with his food. He doesn't have any apparent emotional issues. He doesn't fly (yet) so when he comes out to play, he just wants to hang out on top of his cage with some foot toys and a snack. He just refuses to be touched.

After two months in my house, he will step up if he has a really good reason. Like an almond. Or "get me away from that silly grey parrot". He lets me spray him with a mister so that he gets a bath. He is learning to use foraging toys.

I can't keep him, because he and Kiwi really don't get on. But I am so happy to know that he is extremely adoptable once the right family comes along.

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