Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Do you have a "to be read" pile of books?

Mine is a seven shelf bookcase. And yesterday it was full up. Well - full up except for the small corner where I keep a small portrait that a friend painted of one of my dogs. But still - seven freakin' shelves.

I looked at the shelf and asked myself, of all of these books, which am I still excited about reading? I pulled 10-ish off the shelf and took them to the Library to donate to Friends.

Another volunteer, a really nice lady, was at the desk. She lists books online, too. She said my books were in terrific condition and was happy to look them up to see if they were worth anything on Amazon. I told her they were in great condition because I hadn't read them yet. Then I had to explain that between our Used Book Store and the clearance section of Half Price Books, I hardly ever pay more than a dollar for a book. So it was probably worth it to have the shelf space back.

So I spend money unnecessarily. Sue me.

She mentioned that our director had called a meeting to talk about "Marketing". I am not sure, but she might have meant a meeting of the Friends board, and that might be to present some of the material from the marketing plan I did last term. And now I am nervous.

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