Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dracula - The Resurrection

Several weeks ago, feeling like I was burning out, I was looking at computer games at Half Price Books. They had a three-pack of Dracula games, so I bought it.

I took the final exam yesterday.

After enjoying what was left of the nice weather, I camped out in my room and played the first game - Dracula, The Resurrection.

It was fine. The audio was choppy and I cheated a lot, but it was fun. The player is Harker, trying to save Mina again. I never could stand Mina. And because it is a computer game, Mina looks like this each of the few screens where we see

So low cut that even as a CG character, one doesn't want to look.

I started the second game a few minutes ago and was killed by a giant vampire bat in the second scene. So I guess this is a game where you can get killed.

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