Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Hate Group Projects

I was telling my brother about my group project for school. It was Easter Sunday and we were sitting down to brunch. He said, "I hate group projects." My nephew, Alex, age 4, said:

"I hate snow."

Then my brother remembered that we are not to use the word "hate" in front of Alex. Because it is bad to hate things. Wait. I'm pretty sure we aren't supposed to use the word "bad" either.

I hate group projects.

I have been online and in the chat room every night. I left the Refuge early last night to get home and into the chat room. I am right now at the library for my regular Thursday night gig and I am still logged in to that chat room. People are not showing up. I have already done what I consider to be more than my fair share of this thing, we are not near done and people are still not showing up.

So I minimized the chat room and go to read this week's lecture. The lecture is on diverse and virtual teams. Really. It actually says that graduate students hate group projects. It says that the products from the group projects of graduate students suck. It suggests that it is ok that the products suck, because in the real world there will be a supervisor supervising and it won't be all scholarly-whatever.

I remember the last time, it was goofy trying to coordinate. There were 15 of us in that group. But the workload wasn't that bad. For me, anyway. The programmers had it harder. But at the end, I thought the result wasn't half-bad. With this one, there are only five of us It's just bad.

I should go back to taking pictures of my dog.

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