Thursday, April 30, 2009

Race Court with Judge Jason

I do not always agree with Jason Whitlock, the “edgy” Fox Sports columnist. And I am only a semi-regular reader anyway. But he has always had something interesting to say about race as it relates to sports and sports media and lately, diversity has been a big issue at work and at school.

This article is great. Whitlock talks about the difference between jokes, picking on people, and actual racism:

As RAC [racial apology czar], it would not be my goal to legalize idiots to say whatever they want under the pretense that "it was just a joke." But it is quite evident that a professional, someone with expertise in tasteless humor and racial politics, needs to define the difference between a McNabb lookalike and hoping Tiger Woods serves fried chicken and collard greens at Augusta National Golf Course.

This isn’t just about sports, people. He is referring to the everyday question about the line between what is funny and what is offensive - and the line between what is offensive and what is racist.

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