Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Ted

I had lunch with some colleagues at your restaurant, Ted's Bulletin, in Washington DC last month.  The menu had plenty of things for picky people like me and I was most pleased with the grilled cheese and tomato soup.  (What is it with the grilled cheese lately?)  Unfortunately, I was too full to try the house-made twinkies or pop-tarts.  But I took your matches so I would be sure to remember to have dinner there sometime.  Seriously.  On 8th street.  In Eastern Market.

The matches were terrible.  I use matches on my candles every day and this soft-pack was extremely difficult to strike up.  And so sparky that I twice - twice - dropped the lit match and nearly burned my house down.

I know, I know.  Why would I continue to use a pack of matches that tried to burn my house down once?  I guess I just like danger.  Or I am terribly cheap.  Or I refuse to be defeated  by a pack of matches.

Anyway, the design of your website suggests to me that you are catering to the Rat Pack.  You might want to correct this problem before Mr. Sinatra comes to visit. 

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