Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Citizens

Last night while Alex was at football practice, my brother was at the park with his daughters, age 21 months and 4 months.  He fell and badly sprained his ankle.  So badly that that after hobbling over to sit down on a bench, he passed out.  (Hm.  That's probably why he didn't want me blogging this.)  When I called him today to check in, he said the bright side was seeing how the other parents jumped right in and took care of his kids for him until their mom arrived.  It rather restored his faith in humanity.

Then this morning, the Chicago Tribune ran an article about a man that had a heart attack in his car at the Park Center.  The short story is a man's life was saved by the retired paramedic that spotted him, pulled him out of his car and performed CPR.  While another person walking by called 911.  While someone else ran into the Park Center building to find some help.  And came back with lifeguards from the pool that had a defibrillator.  By the time the paramedics got there, the guy had a sustained heart rhythm.

That happened in Glenview, people.  That's my town.  I am at that Park Center all the time.  And it does rather restore my faith in humanity.

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