Thursday, September 23, 2010

The New TV Season

I'm not watching any new TV shows. 

I finished Season One of Mad Men the other day and have no more new TV on DVDs so I actually watched a movie.  A film.  A two-hour story.  I don't think I have seen a movie since the new Star Trek.  So I watched The Reader.  As in The Kate Winslet Oscar Movie.  Apparently, I recorded it last March when Showtime was having a free preview weekend.

I liked watching a movie.  And I think I have that book, too.

So I have decided (now that Lost and 24 are over) that there is no longer any such thing as Must See TV.  Not in real time, anyway.  (Except I accidentally watched Shit My Dad Says tonight.  Luckily, it wasn't all that great.)

I shall watch football.  And Diggnation.  And all of the DVDs in my house that I haven't seen yet.  And maybe I will buy some more.  So wake me up around mid-season if anything good is on.

This is very liberating.


John said...


Anne said...

I am a whole season behind on Chuck. So while I didn't delete all of those episodes on the DVR, I had to shut off the recorder for this season.

John said...

I would also add Community - the first season of which I had in that shopping bag at B & N. I was also going to start watching House this year, but - newsflash - I just got a part in a play that rehearses on Mondays.