Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Conversation with My Brother at the Project Linus Fundraiser

Him:  ....so I tweeted that to (my congressman).
Me:  (...)
Me:  What did you just say?
Him:  I tweeted it to (my congressman).
Me:  You're on Twitter?!
Him:  Yeah.
Me:   You aren't even on Facebook!
Him:  I know.  It's weird that you aren't on Twitter.
Me:   I have a blog.
Him: Microblog!
Me:   I fancy myself a real writer.
Him:  I don't have the attention span.
Me:   I.  Know.

This was about 45 seconds after I asked him to make me a new blog for my birthday.  He told me that he wouldn't even discuss it until I could articulate what I wanted.

Damn programmers.

The fundraiser seemed to have a lot of traffic, which was great.  I hope someone sends out a number for what was raised.  I bought six raffle tickets for a gorgeous blanket.  Then my nephew, Alex, went and won the thing.

I knew I should have taken a picture.

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