Saturday, May 7, 2011

Diet Sparkling Ocean Spray

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I am always jazzed around the holidays to see cranberry flavored ginger ale in the grocery store, so when I saw the commercial for Ocean Spray's Sparkling Cranberry, I made a point to look for it.    It scores major points for having a Diet variety right off the bat.

I found it in the juice aisle, rather than with all of the other carbonated drinks.  It came in a package of four cans.  I have tossed the can now, but I believe it was 8.4 ounces, as opposed to 12 in a can of Coke.     

The flavor is great, and with cranberry that can be a difficult balance.  However, the carbonation doesn't hold terribly long, which might be a problem for me.  I consider cranberry juice a Sipping Drink.

And it is expensive.  I will probably buy this as a treat when it is on sale, but it won't be a staple in my house.

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