Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Unpleasantness

A few weeks ago, Shadow got a diagnosis.  It was, "You've done all there is to do.  Now we Manage Pain and monitor Quality of Life."

Dementia and degenerative muscular disorder.  This is on top of Cushing's Disease, arthritis, degenerating vision and a ridiculously sensitive stomach.

Do not feel sorry for this dog.  He has had a good life, with better care than any previous animal my house has ever seen.  This from a family that once took a cocker spaniel to the doggie shrink.

His vet's office actually took a vote on Who is Your Favorite Client and Shadow won.  Or so they told my mother.

Everyone who has a pet knows that at some point, we end up here - if we are lucky and the dog doesn't jump the fence and get hit by a car.  So I am trying to Shut Up and Deal.. all Circle of Life or whatever.  We just do the best we can by the animal for as long as we can.

Shadow has good days and bad days.  Some days he doesn't want to eat.  Today he chowed right down.  Some days he is anxious and won't stop pacing.  But mostly, he just wants to be with his people.   So that's what we're doing.

Now go hug your dog/cat.  'Cause that's what I'm doing.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to shut up and deal, it's absolutely ok to grieve. Our beloved family cat got killed just after Christmas, and in recent months 3 of our beloved foster kitties have been euthanised for different reasons. I know they've been loved and cherished while they were with us, but I've mourned their absence as well. Your dog is beautiful. Embrace this precious time xxx

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry.

And: Was it Bailey that went to the doggie shrink? I loved that silly dog.


Fluffycat said...

So very sorry for you and your family. Hope Shadow's last days are peaceful.

Anne said...

Thanks, guys.

Kris: It was Max that went to the doggie shrink. You might remember that he was a Failed Show Dog. He had some issues adapting to family life. We gave my mother a lot of crap about it, but the truth is that it worked.