Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Go See This

My friend John is in this show. I would put up a picture of the playbill, but this is a family blog. Sort of.  I suppose I must go see it, even though it’s an..untraditional piece. And you all know how I feel about schlepping into the city.

John is a bit of a punk, and the last time I clicked in there, he hadn’t submitted a bio. So I have written one for him:

John Wilson is thrilled to return to the stage after a long hiatus fueled by red meat, booze, women and film noir. He came to Chicago sometime in the last millennium after graduating from Shorter College with a degree in Theatre Arts. He claims they did their first decent show after he graduated.  It was The Lion in Winter.  He's still bitter.

 John maintains a day job in a cube farm and writes a blog that is sometimes clever. Less so now that Lost is finished, but whatever. He still plays with Legos and knows more about Doctor Who than you do.


John said...

Ta-da. The bio, she is updated.

Anne said...

You might have just made my day.

Now grab a pic from your Facebook Profile. The one with Ren and Stimpy perhaps...