Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why the Internet Sucks

Because old videos never die. And do you know why Facebook sucks? Because one (or ten) of your friends will always point you to those videos. Someone put a bunch of the stuff produced by my high school TV department on Vimeo. I am glad to say that I am not in any of the clips, so I don’t mind throwing this up here so that my mother can have a chuckle at Godzik, around 2:15. Also, I am pretty sure I saw Eric in the drum line, but I am not going back to verify. And, the part that makes me rather proud – interspersed with the sports clips are clips of our Horticulture Club. No, I wasn’t on it.

Standing on Top of the World (1991) from Glenbrook South Television on Vimeo.

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Cortney said...

I loved this! But then again, I'm pretty happy I'm not in it either.