Saturday, July 19, 2008

At the Refuge - Maxine

Maxine is a darling Goffin's Cockatoo that is very serious about who she likes and who she doesn't like. She only likes other Cockatoos. And apparently, she is at the Refuge because she bonds too tightly to her people.

Wednesday night, I was in her room pulling water dishes to go into the dishwasher. Maxine jumped right out of her cage with no preamble and no invitation. But she was just sitting on her door and - it looked to me - flirting with Leo, the Goffin's in the cage across from her. While she was out, I pulled out her dirty paper and put in a fresh sheet. She was still flirting with Leo. So I went to the other room to get her fresh food and water.

When I came back down, she was on top of the cage of Henwen, a new Umbrella Cockatoo. I was nervous for a moment because:

1. Maxine doesn't always play nice with others.
2. Henwen is three times her size.

But Henwen was the one afraid! Henwen jumped to the bottom of her cage in a panic. It looked to me that Maxine was only curious about the new bird in the room, but she refused to step up so that I could move her away.

Lucky for me, Maxine is a bird that doesn't mind being in a towel.

Maxine is available for adoption and you can read more about her here.

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