Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last One Writing

In each account profile, Blogger shows all of the pages to which the account holder has authoring rights. My other one is a blog I created as a small piece for our group's final project in E-Commerce, last spring. I should really delete it.

This blog, of course, was created for the same class. And I wondered if any of my other classmates were still writing. So I went back to the "Blog Rating" form we were required to submit on each person in the section. Of the fifteen students in my section, I am the only one still writing. Worse than that - I am the only person to post a thing since the class ended. And only one other student has posted since the "blog assignment" deadline. One guy deleted his page altogether.

I took the summer off from school, so I am not in touch with any classmates right now. The blogs would have been a nice way to keep up!

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