Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Doing Something Different

This story in the Chicago Tribune caught my eye yesterday (photo by David Maxwell of the NYT).

Have you seen the new milk jugs? These are in my Costco, but not the regular grocery store. It is easy to see from the shape that they would be easier to ship, but the plastic also seemed heavier and I wondered whether that would be "greener". I guess it is.
Apparently, the general public is crying because they are not as easy to pour. I don't remember having a problem with it. Anyway, if this is a better way to package, then I think everyone should be quiet and get on board. From the article:
"Experts say the redesign of the milk jug is an example of the changes likely to play out in the American economy over the next two decades. In an era of soaring global demand and higher costs for energy and materials, virtually every aspect of the economy needs to be re-examined, they say, and many products and procedures must be redesigned for greater efficiency."
I say good on them for thinking outside the proverbial box and trying something different.

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