Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Speaking of obnoxious things people do with their cell phones, ran an article called, Are you App-noxious? that listed a whole new type of offensive behavior that I didn’t even know existed:

“Three of my colleagues purchased the iPhone calorie counter app and are constantly talking about what they ate and how many calories everything is,” says Renate Raymond, a 37-year-old arts administrator from Seattle. “And now they’ve started circulating around the lunchroom analyzing the calories that everyone else is eating. You’ll be eating a burrito and they’ll sneak up and punch in ‘burrito’ and tell you that you’re eating 550 calories. They’re driving everybody nuts.”

There was a related article about the most offensive iPhone applications that makes me very glad I do not have an iPhone.

I’m just going to read a book now.

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utter-scoundrel said...

So happy I'm not a Borg...