Saturday, May 9, 2009

That Star Trek Movie

It was really good. I didn't watch the original series - I was a fan of The Next Generation. So I spent more time than most trying to figure out what was the original canon and what was alternate reality. (Did Little Spock really beat the crap out of a Vulcan kid in school?) But I wasn't hung up on it.

I had a headache by the time it was over, which may have been dehydration but I am blaming on the cinematography. The reviewers are right - it is heavy on the close ups.

I am very glad that I saw that annoying preview of Kirk on the Hoth system because I knew exactly when to take a bathroom break. And it is a good thing I was quick about it, because Nimoy shows up immediately thereafter. Do not miss that part.

Dumbest Anne moment:

Watching the destruction of a planet, my first reaction was that wasn't how Alderaan looked. I had to remind myself Alderaan exploded and this one imploded.

Anyway. I went home and told my mother about it and she had no interest until I looked up Bones on imdb and figured out how I knew him. King Eomer.

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Anonymous said...

[movie nerd]He was also the baddie in the second Bourne flick.[/movie nerd]