Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Best Movie Candy Ever

I forget why I was in Walgreens on Friday, but I decided to pick up some candy for watching Star Trek. Walgreens is bringing back some "classics" and I picked up the old "jawbusters". The mini version of these can still be found - in little green boxes. I like how this "classic" is Gluten Free. Warning: I had to be careful to open the little wrappers during the loud parts.

Sorry about the glare.

I had my first experience with utter_scoundrel's pet peeve: the texting in the theater. I was sitting in the front section. There were about a dozen of us, each sitting alone at the 1:15 showing of Star Trek on Friday. There were a few dads with kids behind us. Mr. Texter was in the second row and I could swear he took bootleg video of the opening sequence.

I am not going back to the movie theater.

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